Since we started in business in 1935, our focus has been on providing the service and solutions that keep our customers happy. The following Columbia Pipe customer testimonials say it better than we ever could.

There was a situation once were we needed to return some material and get it off the job site in a hurry. Our outside rep went above and beyond to deliver customer service by meeting us on site and loading the material into his personal vehicle without hesitation to get us out of a pickle. That’s customer service! 

—Phil Amato, General Superintendent

Columbia Pipe is very accessible. Our rep comes on-site every week and works with our engineers to address all of their questions. That relationship is invaluable to our business. 

—Mike Zaphel, Senior Buyer, Aqua Aerobics Systems, Inc.

Columbia will go the extra mile and offer creative solutions. Columbia's normal supplier was quoting a long lead time and a great price for 309 SS pipe.  We could not wait 4 weeks so our sales rep found an alternate supplier, was able to get the pricing in line with our expectation, and we're getting the pipe in 1 week. Columbia worked with us to insure no disruption in fabrication.

—Mike Taft, Purchasing Manager, Granco Clark, Inc.

Columbia Pipe is the best in the business when it comes to response time, inventory, pricing, and getting my material quickly.

—Jason Hart, Utilities Pipefitter Foreman, University of Illinois

We love that CPS has branches all over, this type of structure provides us with a wide range of delivery and product options.

—Dale Carlson, Purchasing

Time is money! Having Columbia Pipe as a supplier helps us because we can get things quickly during the construction or repair process and work doesn’t have to stop!

—Chris Fuston, Parts Clerk, Lagunitas Brewing Company

Columbia Pipe offers more than an attractive price, dedicated and professional front-line folks like the ones found at the counter, are the main reason we will continue to call your company. The added-value through customer service becomes invaluable.

—Carlos Camacho, Purchasing Manager, Ebro Foods, Inc.

With the responsiveness and dependability of Columbia Pipe, it is easier for us to do business.  Their dedication helps us meet costs and serve our customers better. 

—Breanna Johnson

Columbia provided us with product training, which gave us all the knowledge we needed to close a $70,000 sale. Following that we were referred for 2 more jobs in the area. It was awesome to be trained right in our shop and have all staff attend.

—Brandon Reuter