Commercial Plan & Specification

Columbia Pipe commercial plans teams are committed to providing accurate and complete project quotations on engineering plans and specifications while providing support throughout the process. We also apply a similar process to assist with design-build projects.

Columbia Pipe’s Commercial Plans Process:

  1. Our inside sales and support staff assemble and submit material drawings for engineer review (printed or electronic), carefully tracking the progress of submittals.
  2. Upon formal approval, we order the required materials and ship them accordingly. All project information is documented in our order-tracking system to minimize errors.
  3. We follow up the material orders by delivering operation and maintenance manuals that can be distributed to the appropriate personnel.
  4. We remain in contact to receive updates on project progress to be in sync with your schedule. Our vast warehouse network enables us to stock large bills-of material, which we ship as needed.

From bid to project completion, you can count on Columbia Pipe Commercial Plans Teams for the resources you need to make your projects profitable:

• Experienced, knowledgeable sales staff
• Extensive network of top-tier manufacturer partners
• Access to online plan rooms
• Fast turnaround on accurate project quotes
• Local inventory that is second to none
• Project management assistance