CAPS™ Valve Automation

Columbia Pipe Automation Specialists (CAPS) ™ recommend and manage valve automation solutions for every application, industry, or environment. From actuation of valves to automation of full valve fleets, Columbia Pipe delivers high performance solutions. Our supply network shortens project lead times by being your single solutions provider for expert assembly, fabrication, diagnosis and repair.

Our CAPS Valve Automation Specialists(CAPS) ™ support:

• Installation / Replacement of actuation packages
• Replacement of automation packages
• Pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, or gas hydraulic valve automation products and services
• Valve and actuator repair and reconditioning
• Calibration and recalibration valves, actuators, and controls
• A complete array of accessories including positioners, limit switches, bus systems, solenoid valve filters, and regulators
• Manufacturer mount assemble and testing for all types of valves for all industries
• Design & Build specialties such as three-way slave linkage tees, fusible link, declutch overrides and custom designed brackets for special applications
• Sizing criteria, control logistics, documentation, drawings and functional testing
• Custom mounting kits and lock-outs
• Reputable, high-quality products backed by top manufacturers utilized by in-house fabrication experts
• Predictive Maintenance